About Northstar Towers

The Northstar team has over 20 years of combined experience in the wireless communications industry. We have provided build-to-suit services for many of the nation’s largest wireless carriers and have helped develop tower sites across the country, with a focus on the Midwest region. Our team is proactive, nimble, and flexible – when you work with Northstar, our senior management team will be involved with all aspects of your project which leads to a more timely and efficient process.

Jesse Styles, President Northstar Towers

Jesse Styles, President

Jesse leads the Northstar team and has worked in the wireless communi-cations industry since 2000. Prior to Northstar, Jesse founded Strategis, LLC, a real estate acquisition and government relations consulting firm, in 2006. Previously, he worked in various positions for T-Mobile and as a site acquisition consultant for American Tower and AT&T. Jesse received his B.S. in Political Science from Cleveland State University.

Jesse is a member of the South Wireless Summit Committee and the Indiana Wireless Association Steering Committee.